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Historic spa garden at “Badeplatz”

Park of play of water & art

Fountain of Bad Elster

Sparkling source in the heart of town:
fountain in the historic spa garden

In this appealing inner spa garden visitors can discover aside from the well-liked fountain also the historic fountain “Goethebrunnen”, the fountain “Elsterbrunnen”, the well-liked ornamental fish basin, a number of art sculptures, the bandstand at “Badeplatz” and the historic hut of “Bettybank” at the way across the forest park.

The landscape garden was already built as center of spa with first paths and grounds around the significant square “Badeplatz” since the year 1850 under plans from Eduard Petzold, court gardener from Weimar. Around 1890 additional playgrounds and sports areas were integrated according to Paul Schindel. From 1928 a re-landscaping of the park behind the today`s KunstWandelhalle took place according to Gustav Allinger.

After the Second World War a revaluation of the entire park took place due to rhododendron plantings, play of waters and sophisticated changing plantings. This revaluation was finished from 1959 on due to the integration of theme gardens like heath gardens and wood gardens. Specimens of the oak-leaf common hornbeam, the silver maple, the snake spruce, the tulip poplar and the hazel-leaf birch characterize this park area as particular woody plants still today.