Park "Paul Schindel" Bad Elster

Romantic park landscape around the Lake Louisa

Temple "Floratempel"

Romantic place on the south bank of
Lake Louisa: the temple “Floratempel”

The park “Paul Schindel” is one of the most popular park areas of Bad Elster today. With it` s smoothly curved path system it spans in a pasture landscape along the river “Weiße Elster” between the famous Lake Louisa/Gondelteich with the historic temple “Floratempel” and the idyllic located Natural outdoor swimming Bath of Bad Elster.

Paul Schindel (1867 – 1921), royal-saxon horticultural inspector, acted significant in Bad Elster from 1892 until his death. In his productive period he left the most significant landscape architectural creations in the historic parks behind as well as an imprint on the overall appearance how it has essentially survived until today. In his honor the originally called South Park around the Lake Louisa/ Gondelteich was renamed into Park “Paul Schindel” on the 12th September 2004. In the grounds created by him the natural watercourse is integrated as far as practicable. So he created a chain of outdoor enclosures along the river Weiße Elster.

Successor of Schindel, Max Haschke, later landscaped the area between Catholic Church and the Natural outdoor swimming Bath. These outdoor enclosures were now connected with a smoothly curved path system. Partial allée-liked tree populations line the paths through the rambling meadow. Since 1952 several strains of rhododendron were planted which blossom from May to the beginning of July attracts numerous visitors. Especially to highlight are the colorful mix-plantings at the beautiful located temple “Floratempel” on the south bank of Lake Louisa. Today especially many architectural-appealing view relations between the outdoor enclosures, the adjacent villa-liked development and the space-defining wane presents to visitors and walkers. Within the frame of the EU-project »ParkErlebnisse Bad Elster- As« between 2011 and 2014, the area was completely regenerated.