"Albert Park" Bad Elster

Gem & landscape garden

"Schindel Eiche" Bad Elster

A tree in honor of the
Royal-Saxon horticultural inspector:
the “Schindel-Eiche”

The by Eduard Petzold, court gardener and student of Fürst Pückler in Muskau, in association with the first spa gardener Friedrich Prohaska around the year 1848 english styled „Albert Park“ girdles the feudal Royal Convalescence House in the heart of the town still today.

When the Royal Convalescence House was finished in 1890, grounds were representative re-landscaped by the young Paul Schindel under plans from Max Bertram, the Royal-Saxon horticultural director. Thereafter an extension of the park up to the pond “Forellenteich” took place according to plans of Paul Schindel.

Today the historic park “Albert Park” is characterized by rambling meadows and the typical view relations of a landscape garden but above all the impressive gem planting in front of the Royal Convalescence House. Paths wind through the romantic acting park, past quiescent ponds, such as the “Carola Weiher” and the “Linden Teich”. There you also find today the famous statue of the goddess of health “Hygea” and an impressive red oak tree named today “Schindel-Eiche” which was planted in honor of Paul Schindel, the Royal-Saxon horticultural inspector. More specific woody plants are the silver maple, the sweet chestnut, the tulip poplar, the yellow chestnut and the pillar oak.