Cultural and festival town Bad Elster

Saxony's most traditional state bath

A town of culture and festivals - Bad Elster, Saxony's most traditional state bath, and one of Germany's oldest therapeutic swap baths since the monarchy, is located in the tri-border region of Bohemia, Bavaria and Saxony - in the heart of Europe. Next to its profile as Saxony's State Bath, with its exclusive health, wellness and rejuvinating treatments, over the last few years, Bad Elster has gained the title as a "chursächsische" town of culture and festivals due to its unique "Shortest Festival Mile" and its excellent event programme.

After Bad Elster was first documented in 1324, the first mineral spring was inspected for medicinal qualities in 1669, and then dedicated to the territorial lord, Duke Moritz von Sachsen-Zeitz. Even Johann Wolfang von Goethe knew to appreciate the therapeutic spring, as referenced in his epic "Hermann und Dorothea" in 1795. 1795. The bathing and cultural operations in Bad Elster finally truly began at the beginning of the 19th century: what is now the Chursächsische Philharmonic was founded in 1817, and in 1818 the first spa treatments were offered. Bad Elster was deemed the "Royal Saxonian State Baths" in 1848 and today it is one of the most traditional and renowned therapeutic baths in Germany.