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Saxony spa museum Bad Elster

An special exhibition on two floors.

Already in 1880, was founded in the "Alten Bad" the "Bademuseum Bad Elster", which is one of the first facilities of its kind in West Saxony. Since 1997, the museum is located in the old "salt spring" is in today's KunstWandelhalle. The museum was reopened in April 2009 with a new permanent exhibition as “Sächsisches Bademuseum Bad Elster”.

The museum today shows in an impressive permanent exhibition on two floors, the impressive development of the most traditional Saxony bath "From the weaving village to an world bath." The exhibition is divided into two themes, which shows the short way numerous facts and history about the history of the spa as well as interesting facts and worth seeing to the natural remedies. Patron is since the festive opening of this exhibition, the Saxon State Minister of Social Affairs, Christine Clauss. The permanent exhibition is also complemented by repeatedly changing exhibitions in KunstWandelhalle.

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