Bad Elster as a cultural and festival town also dedicates itself to the visual arts. Regionally significant art exhibits with the respective audience feedback have been a part of Bad Elster's cultural life since the 19th century. 

Since kings periode varying art exhibits take place, for examply from Käthe Kollwitz, Kurt Schwitters, Prof. Richard Müller, Conrad Felixmüller, Max Pechstein, Otto Dix, Otto Altenkirch and in more contemporary times Manfred Feiler, Peter Luban, Eugen Gomringer, Volkmar Kühn and many others. Nowadays, the fine arts are displayed in the unique atmosphere of the KunstWandelhalle and the gallery of the Royal Convalescene House.

Ausstellungskalender Bad Elster

Datum Veranstaltung Ort
06.06. bis 16.08. Mein malerisches Bad Elster
Ausstellung mit Werken des Kunstmalers H.R.O. Knothe
Königliches Kurhaus
Bad Elster