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More abot the history of Bad Elsters you can find in the Sächsischen Bademuseum - The exhibition on two floors!


Ski jumping tradition in natural environment


The first jump on Elsterschanze
on January 11, 1959.


Ski jumping in Bad Elster has a long tradition. In the mid of 1920s there was the first ski jump in the called "Kessel", directly on the popular Ringweg Bad Elster. On January 11, 1959 then the consecration of the first Elsterschanze took place. The complex was completely rebuilt in 1995.

The Elsterschanze is used and maintained by the ski team Bad Elster. The facility offers today for training, exercise and learning a mini-hill, a small hill, a hill and the medium large hill. The hill record of the great hill currently stands at 48 meters.