The outdoor training trails of Bad Elster

Healthy by hiking

Reizvolle Wanderwege in Bad Elste

Scenic hiking trails in Bad Elster:
The historic hut “Römerhütte”

Bad Elster has an interesting outdoor training trail system, which directly starts in the city center. The directness of park and forest you probably won`t find in no other spa town. The outdoor training trails was already constructed in the end of the 19th century to provide all conditions for regulated physical stress in the country. Even the less trained or sanitary restricted guest will find routes with moderate inclines, benches to have a breather, dreamy huts and picturesque viewpoints among the unique landscape in place.

This path system serves also for therapeutic purposes. For that reason it contains different inclines to enable regulated stress. Initial point of routes is always the inner spa area. Than all routes leads radiate outward up to the way “Ringweg” where you can continue and return on one of the next diversion to the spa center.

 The outdoor training trails are no hiking trails of usual good. They must start directly from the spa center and always return to this point. The length of these ways in Bad Elster is 6 km in order that health-conscious walker are able to keep on schedule. For individual training of exercise capacity routes are differentiated to their incline in order to be able to choose a degree of pollution adapted for guest. The outdoor training trails in Bad Elster also involve scenic particularities or lead to picturesque viewpoints in order to integrate the experience of nature as part of the healing process.

The terrain spa had always been a successful component of traditional spa therapy – as dosed stress and milieu therapy. The healing treatment should be accompanied with active relaxation in an attractive environment. The integrated natural landscape offers load factors as well as relieving factors which allow a self-determined individual training. The active open-air movement is traditional an integrated component of spa therapy and also an important part of different life rhythm of a spa. Therefore the route system is arranged in a way that therapy-free time is adequate for short or longer hikes as well as the way back to spa center is possible on different ways without using the same way for the way there and back.