Tourist Information Bad Elster
Königliches Kurhaus
Badstraße 25
08645 Bad Elster, Germany


Tours in Bad Elster

Theatre tours

Once or twice a week, usually on Tuesdays and Saturdays, tours through the historic auditorium in the King Albert Theatre Bad Elster take place, depending on the show schedule. It is the last German court theatre to have been built. During our monthly tour, "A view behind the scenes," you can gain insight into the auditorium and the history, as well as see the modern and impressive stage technology. Exact times, information and tickets for the tours are available at the Tourist Information Bad Elster. 

City Tour / Walks

Normal city tours usually take place twice a month. We also offer our guests the opportunity to discover the unique natural landscape surrounding Bad Elster during our walks. 

Customised Tours Bad Elster

If you are interested in booking a tour for a group, family or colleagues for a special occasion, we would be happy to schedule and create a customised tour for you. Please talk to our staff at the Tourist Information office.

Current scheduled tours in Bad Elster:

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