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More abot the history of Bad Elsters you can find in the Sächsischen Bademuseum - The exhibition on two floors!


Excursion area and meeting place in the forest park

The wooden decorated bandstand at the NatureTheatre
vis-à-vis the "Waldschlösschen"

Café-restaurant »Waldschlösschen« and bandstand on the NatureTheatre

Due to the increasing public exhortation at the Woodland Park concerts of the Royal. Bath chapel was built around 1910 of here until today found on such beautiful, wooden decorated bandstand. Vis-à-vis built one to the so-called Café "Forest Spring", which animated the whole area with suitable pond and parks.

After the conclusion of comprehensive rehabilitation and a decades-long slumber, the historic site of the new "forest castle" has been released to the public in August 2009. In addition to the main building were especially impressive Wasserspiel- and parks as well as the covered outdoor pergola according to the historical model of the original plans of the Royal. Saxon Horticulture Inspector Paul Schindel be revitalized.