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More abot the history of Bad Elsters you can find in the Sächsischen Bademuseum - The exhibition on two floors!


Recreation idyll in the heart of the city

Naturbad - Damenbad

Das Becken des »Damenbades« am Anfang des
20. Jahrhunderts in Bad Elster

Light, air and swimming pool

On 22 June 1906, the light, air and pool Bad Elster was opened, which was redesigned in subsequent in the follow years by the Royal Saxon garden iInspector Paul Schindel, to today's system. The opening  with three separate bathing areas for men, women and families was open  in 1916. Today invite two well-preserved and well-maintained swimming pools  to a relaxed stay. Due to the idyllic location and its special historical nature, the heritage-protected natural pool in Bad Elster is a hot tip and is very popular by residents and visitors. Especially nature lovers will appreciate the harmonious interaction of delightful rest areas and the natural swimming.