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More abot the history of Bad Elsters you can find in the Sächsischen Bademuseum - The exhibition on two floors!


Walk like kings

The "Wandelanlage" was already on the century
turn a popular place to "stroll".


The fine arts have a long tradition in Bad Elster. After the “Wandelanlage” which was built in the mid 19th century, was no longer able to meet the rising demands, the Saxon construction authorities (architects Dr. Kramer and Dutzmann) erected the heatable, well-lit new “Wandelhalle” in 1928/ 1929. It was built in the Bauhaus style, and made from Elbe sandstone from Postelwitz, complete with a decorative fountain in the courtyard. The new Wandelhalle rose to become the most significant forum for the fine arts.