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More abot the history of Bad Elsters you can find in the Sächsischen Bademuseum - The exhibition on two floors!


A fountain for the poet laureate

Goethebrunnen Bad Elster

From the love source for remembrance: The Goethebrunnen /
»Hermann & Dorothea" on the fountain in 2011 (above)


"Everyone was geletzt and praised the wonderful waters, acidic's it and refreshingly healthy drink to the people "Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in "Hermann and Dorothea"

As part of the opening ceremonies of the natural theater of Bad Elster on 9 July 1911, the current "Goethebrunnen" in the park behind Kunstwandelhalle as "Hermann and Dorothea Fountain" was officially dedicated. Background is the tradition that Goethe was inspired by his stay in Adorf in 1795 from the Bad Elster landscape and his work later completed in accordance with the Bad Elster source. So adorns this quote until today the source of Bad Elster ...

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary celebrations of the natural theater of Bad Elster, a new bronze memorial plaque was placed on Goethebrunnen, which again adorns this historic fountain.