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ParkExperiences Bad Elster - Aš

Unlimited parks

Historic sight of Rosarium

»Natur und Kunst, sie scheinen sich zu fliehen, und haben sich, eh man es denkt, gefunden.« Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Since 2011 Bad Elster and it`s czech partner, the town Aš, implement together the Aim-3-Project “ParkExperiences Bad Elster – Aš”. The Aim-3-Project within the framework of the EU-sponsorship was initiated by both towns. Basis of the project is the architectural garden reactivation of the park Sady- Míru in Aš and the historic park areas of the Rosarium together with the areal around the Lake Louisa/Gondelteich in the Park “Paul Schindel” in Bad Elster.

Especially highlighted building operations in Aš are the reconstruction of the existing Open-air cinema as outdoor stage as well as all pathways in park. Beside the architectural garden reactivating in Bad Elster the project is basically characterized by the restructuring of the historic Rosarium as well as the reconstructing of the Lake Louisa (Gondelteich). Aim of the whole project is the support of the touristic and regional communication above all by increases in attractiveness with audience appeal and cultural activities in the revitalized parks.

Communication as location funding

Park Sady-Míru in A?

Park Sady-Míru in Aš

On the basis of border-crossing cooperation from 2012 on numerous border-crossing cultural, social and media events takes place with the objective to regionally promote the common strengthening of touristy values. The focus of the project work is beside structural measures above all on the permanently common marketing of the parks in particular by cultural and social communication. By means of the infrastructure purposes grounded in project the touristy level and the attractivity of both city centers should be increased. Thereby a noticeable convergence of people in the border area shall be achieved by the intensification of common border-crossing leisure activities and relaxation. Furthermore the development of cure system as well as the border-crossing tourism in the heart of Europe shall be extended. For this reason the project strengthens the possibility of border-crossing use of tourist and cure facilities throughout the region and therewith results in an active location funding.

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