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17. Equipage Bad Elster - stately horses and historic carriages

Whitsunday | May 31, 2020

Whitsunday belongs to the horses - because this is when Bad Elster hosts the popular and traditional "EQUIPAGE Bad Elster – stately horses and historic carriages«.

This populat event has established itself very well on Whitsunday in Bad Elster. Due to the royal Saxon tradtion of the healing baths, the historical significance is in the foreground above all. Before noon, numerous historical horse and carriages queue up in front of the Royal Kurhaus, where they are presented in full style. After a long drive through the town and the surrounding forests by all participants, a large afternoon even takes place in the Paul Schindel Park with a varied programme including a historic carriage theatre piece. The Whitsunday event in the Vogtland for big and small!

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